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Why Naruto scissors?

Naruto has been making hairdressing scissors by hand since 1963. Naruto scissors are produced one by one using highly skilled craftsmanship. There craftsmen have an inherited expertise of more than 50 years.

Sharpening and Minute adjustments by there craftsmen and There own structure of scissors reflect on each pair of scissors.

This creates the feature of Naruto scissors “Sharpness and a good cutting feeling that lasts longer”.

Supported by everyone in the barber and beauty industry, Naruto Scissors celebrated its 50th anniversary of creation in August 2013. Naruto Scissors have been pursuing 50 years to offer excellent scissors and to increase customer satisfaction.

Naruto Scissors look forward to their company’s scissors manufacturing which we have cultivated since 1963 (Showa Eighteenth Eighty – eight), Naruto Scissors would like to express their sincere gratitude to all the customers, agents and dealers who have taken care of so far. 

An artist bringing out the beauty of each person, that is a hair stylist.

For hair stylists, “scissors” is an essential partner indispensable to faithfully reproduce the image of the work. Our company is a manufacturer offering scissors used by hairdressers, beauty hair stylists. We make that precious scissors with the soul every one by hand of craftsmen.

Thanks to you, even among the hair stylists, we also have a voice saying “I want to use someday I’m longing for scissors.” Boasting its history since its inception in 1963, it has built its position as a leading company in the hairdressing and beauty industry.

The opportunity of this 50th anniversary is to encourage the development of scissors with reaffirmation and enlightenment of the features of our products Naruto Scissors and to work with more will and to make scissors that can continue to contribute to the hairdressing beauty industry,

Naruto Scissors are renewing the new starting points and feelings of Naruto Scissors which can be advanced.

Naruto Scissors look forward to your continued support in the future, thank you.

Naruto Scissors Sharpness and a good cutting feeling that lasts longer.

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